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Lawyer Yasin Girgin who was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1999 has two books such as "dissolution of conjugal community" (2013) and "divorce suits guide" (2011). His columns can be read where he replies legal questions in most prestigious newspaper of Turkey, Hurriyet and hurriyet.com.tr
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    Education Period

    I was born in Ankara in 1977.

    After finishing law department of Ankara University I continued law internship in Ankara Bar Association and my Master Degree education in the institute of social sciences private law filed in the department of civil law.  As my master degree thesis, I prepared signature and electronic signature in code of obligation study in 2002.

    Mr.Yasin GİRGİN on TV
    Yasin GİRGİN is on TV Channel Kanal7

    Working Period

    I had a break only my lawyer service that I have been carrying out from 2000 after I finished my internship for the judge advocate responsibility that I was assigned with honourable President of Republic Ahmet Necdet Sezer, honourable Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and honourable Minister of Defence Vecdi Gonul’s triplet legal decision.

    I had several professional activities as primarily dissolution ofconjugal community (2013), divorce suits guide (2011), signature and electronic signature in code of obligation (master degree thesis) and Turkish translation of German expert legal profession act (for Ankara Bar Association).

    Hurriyet_Logo_Standart1Moreover, his columns where he replies legal question of Hurriyet reader were published in hurriyet.com.tr and each thursday Hurriyet Newspaper.

    • Besides, I replied the questions of audience in live presentation which dures one hour and participates quality adjustment programme broadcasted each month in Radio Doğa (FM 100.9) with Leyla Aras.
    • Further American tradition effects can be seen in practice of lawyer from Ankara Anatolian high school and Ankara law which are adopter of civil law- German
    • Principal aim in my practice is to obtain to practice the information’s in the law books in the real life. Being adapted law to the life is alwaysamongst my priorities and isn’t life to the law. I believe that eliminating of praticnonconcurrence with theory is essential of lawyer art.
    • In accordance with this effect, I believe that I have developed a working and thinking system which handle, in line with their practical results instead of theory, the events of practical and current life experiences rather than theoretical researches, articles and researches referring to the doctrines and which takes into consideration not only law- related actions but also other actions.once-cocuk-1

    Social Life:

    I ensured woman to play a part in politics life actively by undertaking women’s branch president above invitation one political party general president between 2006-2007.  During my working period, I increased women’s branch active member number to the double.

    • Besides board of directors membership of Ankara Galatasaray fan businessmen association, I initiated to establish CORSIAD – Corum’s businessmen and industrial association by getting together for increasing collaboration, solidarity and unity of Corum’s chief businessman and industrialist and Corumwhich is my dad hometown. Two periods, I undertook office of secretary general and chairmanship during one period.
    • Moreover, I participated two periods in board of directors of Corum’s federation of associations.

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