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1999 yılında Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi'nden mezun olan Av.Yasin GİRGİN yaklaşık 1 yıl hakimlik döneminin dışında 2000 yılından bu yana boşanma, velayet, nafaka ve mal paylaşımı gibi aile hukuku alanında avukatlık yapmaktadır. 120 köşe yazısı Hürriyet Gazetesi'nde de yayınlanan Yasin GİRGİN'in "Boşanma Davaları El Kitabı" ve "Evlilik Birliğinin Sona Ermesi" isimli iki kitabı da bulunmaktadır.
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A Law Firm Specializing in Family Law…

Welcome to the website of our law firm offices located in Çankaya, Ankara and in Maslak, İstanbul.

You could find several articles, prejudication precedents and petition examples in terms of family law/ law on domestic relations such as divorce, alimony, custody, division of property and legacy in our website.

Yasin GİRGİN, who was born in 1977, was graduated from Ankara Anatolian High School, to which he entered after being successful in an exam, he chose Ankara University Faculty of Law in order to be a lawyer as his dream of childhood and he started receiving education in 1995 in Ankara University Faculty of Law which is the first faculty of law in Republic Era with the date of establishment as 1925.

Mr.Yasin GİRGİN on TV
Avukat Yasin Girgin

After 4-year successful university education, he was graduated in 1999 and Yasin Girgin completed his internship in the law firm of Proffessor Ahmet KILIÇOĞLU for a year on 13th November 2000, he took the initiative in the profession of law and as entitled to have the title of “Lawyer-Attorney”.

Our law firms first office is located in Ankara, Çankaya, Sancak District, 548th Street No: 5 and our second office is in İstanbul, Maslak, Meydan Street No:3 Veko Giz Plaza 14th Floor Maslak.

Since the establishment of our law firm; family lawsuits in the law of domestic relations, as well as enforcement proceedings based on checks and promissory notes receivables, commercial receivables, lawsuits about companies and commercial disputes and disputes in various cooperatives and legacy issues have been followed.

Activities of our law firm were suspended for a year since Yasin GİRGİN was appointed as military judge upon the tripartite decree of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2003. 

Yasin GİRGİN, who was the sole authority and the judge of the cases of hidden and draft evaders and embezzlement, security abuse and wounding and manslaughter during his time as a judge, returned to his profession as a lawyer in 2005.

Yasin GİRGİN published a book titled “A Guidebook for Divorce Suits” in 2011 in terms of divorce lawsuits and another book titled “The Breakdown of Marriage” ; in 2013, and wrote a column on the website and Ankara magazine of Hürriyet Newspaper, which is one of the most important media organizations of the era, and answering readers questions for 120 weeks. These articles are still available in the Hürriyet Newspaper archives.

Yasin GİRGİN has given interviews to many TV channels including NTV, Halk TV, CNN Türk, Flash TV, TRT News, Diyanet TV, TGRT News and Show TV and participated in many TV programs.

He also prepared program at a local radio channel (Radyo Doğa) on divorce issues every week for about 2 years.

For a year, he continued to write articles on the internet news portal called superhaber.tv 

Yasin GİRGİN, who is currently acting as a proxy and attorney in divorce, alimony, custody, property sharing and legacy lawsuits in Ankara and Istanbul, speaks English and German languages.

You can make an appointment with Att. Yasin GİRGİN during working hours in weekdays to get advice on the above-mentioned issues. 

E mail : iletisim@girgin.av.tr

Whatsapp : +90533 483 9313

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