Divorce Lawyer in Ankara

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Yasin Girgin, Divorce Lawyer

About Me

After graduating from Ankara Anadolu High School with a focus on German, I pursued my education at Ankara University Faculty of Law, considered Turkey’s top law school at the time, graduating in 1995. Following my graduation in 1999, I registered as a trainee lawyer at the Ankara Bar Association, completed my internship, and subsequently took the lawyer’s oath.

For over 20 years, I have been practicing law in the areas

of divorce, custody, property division, and alimony. Additionally, I obtained a Master’s degree in the Department of Private Law – Civil Law Section. During this period, I prepared a thesis on the subject of Electronic Signatures.

My legal career has traversed various stages, including practicing law from 2000 to 2003, serving as a military judge from 2003 to 2004, and resuming my practice as a lawyer from 2004 onwards.

My educational background is as follows:

  • Ankara Anadolu High School (German Department), 1995
  • Ankara University Faculty of Law, 1999
  • Yeditepe University SEM, Family and Social Life Counseling, 2021
  • I have also contributed to Hürriyet Newspaper for 120 weeks, addressing current legal issues in my column.
  • I have authored two books, “Divorce Cases Handbook” (2011) and “Termination of Marriage Union” (2013), both focusing on divorce cases.

As an active lawyer, I have participated in various radio and television programs to share my expertise in civil law. Additionally, I have been involved in various associations and civil society organizations, working on issues related to women’s rights, divorce cases, and law in general.

To enhance my professional knowledge, I consistently keep track of legal developments and engage in practical work. Being a divorce lawyer requires not only legal expertise but also an understanding of the psychological aspects. Providing support to the client during challenging times, assisting in making informed decisions, and maintaining an objective perspective are essential aspects of this profession.

As a divorce lawyer, having a deep knowledge of marriage, divorce, women’s rights, and child rearing is crucial. Without this knowledge, proper guidance cannot be provided to the client during this sensitive process. As the Germans say, “Übung macht den Meister!” meaning mastery comes with more practice. Therefore, reading more decisions, writing more articles, conducting more research, and handling more cases are the keys to success in this field.

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